With the experience of working in a range of materials - bronze, wood, steel, aluminum and stainless steel - , Chris has made large sculptures for city and park locations and small interior pieces.  His work is both abstract and figurative, including portraits.

Chris offers the opportunity for people to take a class in his studio  individually or in small groups to make a table sized sculpture.  Contact him if you are interested. 


Studio Background

My goal is to create sculpture that captures the viewers’ attention through its forms, size and colors. When working on both abstract and figurative pieces, I develop my ideas in drawings and small-scale models by imagining how viewers will perceive them in full-scale.

The forms that I am most interested in can appear to be enlarged parts of furniture, machines or buildings. I want viewers to enjoy these similarities as an expansion of imagined worlds. My figurative sculptures’ simple and direct appearance is symbolic of the forms and thoughts that all humans share.

My large-scale outdoor sculptures add an element to the surrounding environment that is as permanent as a big tree or band shell. It is important for viewers to recognize the spatial and formal relationships these sculptures have to their nearby neighbors because the similarities and differences between them create interest, emotional attachment and meaning.



3400 N Knox Ave
Chicago, IL   



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