While facing such management issues as threatening competitors, difficulty finding high quality clinical and support staff, and lowering or negative profit margins, decisions regarding upgrading or replacing deteriorating facilties must also be given priority.


A Master Facility Plan that analyzes and prioritizes the current and future operaitonal and space needs of clinical and support services provides the benefits and costs of projects that enhance the institution’s long term goals and objectives.


HSPG evaluates current operations and projects future patient volumes and their operational requirements through the following process steps:


• Facilities project definitions

• Operational analyses and recommendations

• Project implementation objectives and schedule


HSPG addresses healthcare’s strategic and business priorities in terms of the served community’s needs, potential advantages in the relationships to other providers, improvements to operations, overall and individual facility projects, and the planning of indivdiual departments and functions.


The institution’s financial projections contain the scheduled costs of specificly identified projects; the next five-to-ten year period have detailed expenditure estimates, and the costs to be considered for the following ten-to-twenty years are also documented.


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